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As consumers, we expect a product for sale to be safe. Our confidence is the result of government laws and regulations that have been enacted to ensure that when Americans purchase products, they are safe to consume. Most Americans do not think about the safety of goods for sale.

However, this assumption is not always correct. Unfortunately, there is a possibility that a product may be defective or cause harm. Many companies make an effort to save money and increase the profits of their shareholders. As a result, product development may be affected, and consumers who have purchased these defective products are injured and in some cases death. The product may have dangerous design imperfections in manufacturing, or instructions.

According to the law, consumers may file a personal injury claim and seek financial compensation due to the injuries that are a result of a defective product. Most companies carry product liability insurance. Visit, a prominent Metairie personal injury lawyer to schedule a free consultation to determine the worth of your case and recommend how to proceed. Because proving product liability is difficult, you need to hire reputable and experienced injury attorney who understands the intricacies of a personal injury case work hard to for a successful outcome of your case.

A product may have a design flaw during the engineering process that results in a dangerous product. A manufacturing defect happens when a product is not made as designed and results in harm to the consumer. Also, a product is defective if it does not meet the warranty guarantees or the instructions are flawed.