DWI Attorney San Antonio Is An Expert In Criminal Defense

In the state of Texas, driving while intoxicated (DWI) is serious. When the arresting officer charges you with a DWI, it is important to seek legal help immediately. A qualified DWI lawyer can make all the difference in the world to build a successful DWI defense.

Each year, Texas enacts and enforces tougher DWI laws with severe penalties for drunk driving. If convicted, it is possible to lose your driver’s license. You may even be sentenced to jail time with substantial fees imposed. For the rest of your life, expect higher auto insurance rates.  A criminal arrest record will negatively impact your future employment opportunities.

This San Antonio DWI attorney focuses specifically on drunk driving; he is an expert in this field of law. He may be able to get your case reduced or even dismissed and avoid strong penalties for first-time offenders. It is very important that you contact him to discuss your options and the most effective to handle your charge of driving while intoxicated.

Remember, you will lose your license if you do not request a special hearing within 15 days after an arrest. Your attorney has one opportunity to keep your driver’s license from being suspended. Therefore, it is very important to contact this DWI attorney immediately and get professional assistance to avoid serious penalties, large fines, installation of ignition interlock devices, cancellation of driver’s license, etc. To schedule an appointment, visit http://www.DWIattorneySanAntonio.net.